Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection

Hi everyone

The Real Techniques Core Collection Includes:
  • A Buffing Brush
  • A Contour Brush
  • A Small Foundation Brush
  • A Detailer Brush
From left to right: Detailer Brush, Small Foundation Brush, Contouring Brush and Buffing Brush 

The Buffing Brush
I use my buffing brush for buffing in my liquid foundations. You could also use it for powder foundations if you wanted. This brush works really well at blending my foundation into my skin. 

The Contour Brush
I use my contour brush for my blusher, as you can see in the picture that my brush needs washing. I only dab the tip of the brush onto my blush as apparently the fibres in the brush itself will blend over your face, so there is no need to cake your brush with blush (wow that was a tongue twister). A little tip there that I picked up from Pixiwoo's channel on YouTube. You could also use this brush for highlighting, bronzing (contouring) or use it to set your foundation with a setting powder.

Real Techniques Core Collection - £14.95 free delivery with Amazon Prime

The Small Foundation Brush
I can't get on with using this brush to put a full face of foundation on. To me, you don't get the same effect as when you use the buffing brush. I use this brush for contouring with cream concealer, especially around my nose area. It still is an excellent brush.

The Detailer Brush 
I also use this brush to conceal any imperfections that have appeared on my face. You could use it for eye-shadow, lipstick, lip gloss applications. It's a cute little brush to have in your collection.

I've had these brushes since Christmas last year, and have been meaning to post them on my blog. Well I can positively say that I use these brushes every time I apply my make-up. In my opinion, I get a better look when using make-up brushes to using my hands, even though I still use my hands for some things.

My Husband brought them me as a present, they are very well priced, and at the time they were cheapest on Amazon so I think these make excellent present for anyone who loves make-up or is starting off using make-up.

They come in the most ideal little carry case, so you could put your favourite real techniques or other brushes you have on your travels.

I have the Real Techniques Starter Kit too, so my next post will be about them.

Speak soon.

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