Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My first fish tank (aquarium)

Hi everyone

I hope you all all well. Apologises for not posting anything for ages, I have been snarled with work and planning my son's 5th birthday party for this Sunday. People just don't get back to you until the last minute and I still have to chase people for for a simple answer of yes or no. One word "Frustrating".

He's having a Supermario Brothers themed party, with a bouncy castle and slide. I'm waiting on two people to give me an answer. If they say yes, he will have including himself 32 children. ARGGHHH! very busy afternoon.

I'm going to take some pictures of his party and include them in a post. His birthday cake, we normally make him one and he wanted a Mario and Luigi cake this year, and I have left it until the last minute and I have brought a ready made a4 size iced vanilla celebration cake that you can have your picture put on from ASDA.

I have purchased from eBay an iced cake topper with Mario on and they have personalised it for me which was lovely. So Saturday I'm going to put it on top of the cake. I will post these so you can all see.

Anyway, last weekend we took our son the the local funfair that came to our town, we had fun on the rides and came back with a goldfish.

So from one goldfish we have somehow managed to get an aquarium and fill it with ornaments, and tomorrow morning we are going to get more fish. How can all this happen by just going to the funfair. It looks rather nice though and feels quite relaxing, watching them swim around.

Here are some some pictures of our new aquarium. If you are looking for ideas on what to put in, then maybe you could look at these. I got the ornaments from pets at home and the foliage from pound stretcher.

Well this Friday I'm getting my hair done again by my wonderful mother in law. I put in one of my previous post I did, the Jobaz Hair Colour Removal and after I put on a semi hair dye colour. Well that has faded some what and I'm planning on going a little lighter to a dark ash blonde. I will do a separate post about this next.

Speak soon xoxo


  1. The pump and filter combo I have now just leaves the water murky and with the vibration noises it sounds loud for an impellar pump. I'll keep looking and try go to an aquarium over the weekend to see if I can find a nice silent one like my father used to have.

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