Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chocolate Crispy/Cornflake Cakes

Hi everyone,

I have been away for a while, so I'm sorry for not posting anything for a while.

It's Easter this weekend and I have been doing some baking with my son. He loves getting his apron on, getting stuck in, getting his hands messy and the kitchen.

I went to Sainburys to get the ingredients. They are so easy to make, we make them every Easter.

All you need is:
  • Rice Crispies
  • Cornflakes
  • A little golden syrup - to make them stick together
  • Fairy Cake Cases
  • Dr. Oetker - Scot bloc Milk Chocolate Covering
  • Mini Eggs, or whatever treats you want to decorate them with.
All I did was:
  • Get two bowls, one with Cornflakes, one with Rice Crispies.
  • Break the Scot Bloc into pieces.
  • Get boiling water in a pan and turn it so it's simmering, then get a heat proof dish and melt the chocolate, no need to add water to the chocolate as it mentions on the packet. (Get an adult to this is your not confident with the hob).
  • I added a little golden syrup into the chocolate and stirred constantly as the chocolate melts quite quickly.
  • Make sure you pour and stir the chocolate into the cereal as fast as you can as this chocolate sets like lightning.
  • Spoon them into the cake cases and pop whatever treats you have on top. We used Smartie mini eggs and Milky bar mini eggs for a change. 
Before I put the mini eggs on top, I melted a little more chocolate and sprinkled the chocolate over the cakes, then put the mini eggs on. That way the eggs seemed to stick and didn't fall off.

Below are some pictures of what they came out like. You can find everything pretty much from any supermarket, I just went to Sainsburys as it is my local one.

Seeing as though Easter is this weekend, I'm not sure if they will have any Mini eggs left, but Sainburys is not the only place that sells them. Any other supermarket, Home bargain or Pound land I think do them.

Happy baking everyone, I hope you enjoy them.

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