Thursday, 6 March 2014

Jobaz Hair Colour Remover Review (Max Strength)

Hi guys!

I hope you are all well.

I just wanted to give a quick review of the hair colour remover that I've recently purchased and used as you will see in my previous post.


  1. It was really simple to use.
  2. It combed through quite easily through my hair.
  3. It didn't feel uncomfortable or irritate my scalp.
  4. It definitely removed the unwanted hair colour away.
  1. It smelt like burnt hair whilst applying it.
  2. It smelt like rotten eggs once it was warming up with the cling film on. 
  3. The rinsing stage takes quite a while to do, using the buffer twice, rinsing for 10 minutes etc. But I suppose you have to do these things if you want them to work.
  4. You may not end up with your natural hair colour if you have bleached it before colouring. It will turn a brassy orange. It suggests on the box to cover with a semi ash colour, which I did. 

Overall I would use this again if I ever decide to dye my hair another weird colour. BIG thumbs up for this product.

Speak soon.

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