Thursday, 6 March 2014

Gone with the Red

Hi guys!

In my previous post, I mentioned I was going to try and strip my hair of this Red colour. I have done it and so easily as well.

I brought the Jo Baz Hair Remover in Max strength from Amazon. I was a bit sceptical about whether it would work or not, but I was very shocked, surprised and pleased.

Below are some pictures of stages as I was doing it.

The hair remover, people said that it smelt like eggs. I noticed only a slight smell whilst applying it to my hair, it smelt like burning hair. Once I put the cling-film on and it started to warm up, OMG! what a stink.

I went downstairs to show my husband, and he started retching because of the smell. It was like I had boiled a load of eggs and mashed them all up.

This was the colour of my hair a day before I put the colour remover on.
The colour remover on my bathroom floor

A lovely cling film hair wrap.
Peanut butter hair mask comes to mind
It look quite blonde once it was washed off

Not sure whether I like this look. Excuse to green t-shirt, it's my hair dying shirt,
Everyone has one.
In some natural day light.

It has definitely taken the Red out of my hair. 

I order this Nice "n" Easy Semi Permanent hair dye (75. Light Ash Brown) as well
to put on top of the brassy colour.
This is the finished look. It will fade eventually to a light brown, so I will take a couple of
pictures then.
I hope you all like this, and hopefully this gives you an idea of how it has worked for me, if you are thinking of using this.

Speak soon.

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