Thursday, 13 February 2014

Speedy French Manicure

Hi guys!

The other night I was rummaging through my nail polish collection and came across some nail whitener.

I've had this for a while and forgot I had it.  I thought just to quickly neaten my nails up and make them look clean and healthy looking, I would just skim over the tips with this nail whitener from No.7.

All I did was clean any old polish off with nail polish remover to make sure they were all clean. I put a base coat on first to line my nail, then waited for that to dry and gently painted my tips with this polish.

I haven't got a very steady hand so this was the neatest I could get them, but they make them look pretty I think.

I put another coat of white on after the first lot had dried, then popped a clear nail varnish on and also a top coat to make them shine and last.

I don't think Boots do this anymore, but you can still but it online from Amazon or Ebay.

I don't want to pay to have my nails done professionally because they wouldn't last a day on my fingers, as I'm very clumsy and would probably get out the salon and knock one off straight away. I would much prefer to do this for the time being. It's quicker and cheaper.

Hope you all like it.

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