Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Red to Dark Red/Brown

I hope you are all ok.

As I previously posted, I turned my hair a shade of Red. I used the Olia 4.6 Deep Red.  Since it was done, which was just before Christmas, it has faded already and my dirty blonde roots have certainly made an appearance.

I know Red hair is a very high maintenance colour to keep on top off, and my colour has faded to a reddish/pink colour, which I am not loving at the minute.

I have recently been browsing for a new colour to tone it down a bit, maybe go for a reddish/brown and I came across this on Amazon. It's the Garnier Color Sensation in 4.15 Icy Chestnut (Pictured Below)

I brought this hair dye and absolutely love the colour. It's so rich and warm and I will be purchasing this again very soon. 

Garnier Color Sensation in 4.15 Icy Sensation

This was my hair with the Garnier Olia 4.6 in Deep Red.  It had faded quick a bit to a
Light red/pink.

This is with all the Color Sensation on my head.

This is a couple of days after putting the Icy Chestnut on.

It's turned it a Dark brown with hints of red in still, which is fine.
 It looks really rich and warm, especially in the the sunshine

I would definitely suggest doing a allergy test every time you dye your hair, as you don't want an emergency trip to the hospital with a swollen face. I always do my allergy test 48 hours before I dye my hair.

I think I'm going to get another box for my clip-in hair extensions, as they are now a little too purple/red and they don't suit what I have on now, I want them to be very similar and blend in quite well together.

Bye bye for now...

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