Friday, 28 February 2014

It's Friday!

Hi guys,

Well Friday is here, and it's finally the weekend. 

Today didn't start on a good note. I took my son Jack to school this morning, I got back in my car and started driving down the road and heard BANG BANG BANG! I thought " What the F is that". I pulled over thinking something was hanging off my car and saw this large screw hanging out of my tyre. 

We took it to a tyre garage and they said "No way can we fix it, it will have to be a new tyre". I'm sure my car knows when it's payday at the end of every month as she always need something lol.

Here is a picture of  the screw that bust my tyre.

So tonight, once the little one is in bed, I'm going to make myself feel better a eat some of this ice cream that i got from Sainburys. It tastes exactly like Ben & Jerry's but is cheaper. YUM YUM!

£2.00 from Sainsburys

In my previous post, I mentioned I was going to try and get rid of my red hair. Well I have received my hair colour remover from amazon and also brought a hair mask from Home Bargains to go on after. I am going to give it a go this weekend, so I will do a hair colour remover post after I have attempted the challenge. 

If you could all cross your fingers for me and pray that it takes and washes this red out and I don't end up with orange coloured hair. 

Have a lovely weekend and will speak to you all soon.

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