Thursday, 27 February 2014

I'm Stripping At The Weekend

Hi guys

I'm not actually doing what it says in the title. I am stripping, but not my clothes.  MY HAIR!

I have had this reddish hair colour since Christmas, as I said in my previous post. It is so high maintenance and I'm getting really fed up with it.  I've seen some videos on YouTube about stripping the colour out of my hair. There's quite a few out there on the market to choose from like,

Like I said, there are quite a few to choose from. Again I have been watching videos on which ones have the best results and I have ordered myself the Jobaz - Extra Strength.

 It's certainly a lot cheaper than some others and has quite good reviews.  The Colour B4 - Extra Strength apparently smells like eggs, because of the sulfate in there. (Very nice ha ha ha).

The Jobaz one doesn't smell as bad, and from what I have seen, it works quite well on darker redder hair.

I know there is a very high chance of my hair turning orange, but I thought of getting another box incase the first one doesn't work.  After I have finished this process, I would love to put a dark ash blonde on the top to cover any brassy tones, but it all depends on the outcome of the colour remover.

I'm planning on getting this Friday and giving it a go this weekend, so I have a bit of time to sort it out if all goes horribly wrong. I really don't fancy doing the school run on Monday with bright orange or green hair.

I will post pictures of the process and fingers crossed it works.

Bye for now.

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