Monday, 17 February 2014

Dry/Combination Skin

Hi guys

We all suffer from dry skin at some point in out lives. There are plenty of things that can help to prevent it. In my previous post I mentioned that I suffer with oily skin, especially on my t-zone, I also suffer with dry skin, so you could say I have a combination skin type.

I have some things that I do for my oily skin, also some helpful tips for others who might have problems with combination skin.
  • I use a light moisturiser on my face, I try not to get my t-zone as that gets too oily and I don't want it getting worse.
  • On my body and hands I use a rich moisturiser because my skin gets really dry, especially on my knees and hands.
  • After I've had a shower or bath I would put moisturiser all over my body, especially my problem areas.
  • I always keep my hand cream  with me, as my hands do get dry alot.
  • I've heard petroleum jelly is very good at forming a barrier that prevents moisture from evaporating from the surface of your skin. It's a cheaper option for dry skin, if your on a budget. 
  • I use the Vaseline lip therapy on my lips, which makes my lips feel so soft afterwards and moisturised.
  • Try and drink up to 8 glasses of water a day. I find this hard to keep up with and have been working on drinking more water, as I just tend to stick with a glass in a morning, then I just drink tea throughout the day.
  • Another no brainer is to eat fruit and vegetables. I have started to eat a lot more recently as I want to lose some weight anyway, and whilst doing so, it will benefit my hair, skin and nails. So it's a win win.
  • Take Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that repairs and protects your skin. 
  • Don't over bathed as this can dry your skin out even more.
I hope you can take a few tips from this. It is hard work looking after ourselves, but it does make me feel better once I've treated my hair and skin to some TLC.

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