Monday, 24 February 2014

Busy Half Term Week.

Hi guys!

Sorry for not posting anything for a while. My son has had a week off school for half term. He's been really good, which I'm quite shocked at, as he likes to see his friends during the week and I thought he might get a bit restless.

My husband and I have had to work, but worked at home, so we could spend lots of time with him. I can't believe how much childcare costs. We have been extremely lucky to have at least one of us at home to look after him since he was born, which is nearly 5 years ago OMG!, so we have saved a fortune on childcare.

But anyway, he's been helping us with work which he has enjoyed, and we have been to the shops, which he loves as well. He hides in-between the clothes racks so I can't see him. 

He's back at school tomorrow, so I will have a lot more time to posts some things. 

I am going to do something drastic to my hair as I am getting really sick and tired of reddish brown, it's going a strange colour. I'm quite nervous to how it comes out, but that is ones of the posts I will be doing this week.

If your at school, I hope you have enjoyed half term, enjoy it while you can because it flies by so fast, then its back to studying hard. I remember those days. God I'm making myself feels really old.

Anyway speak soon.

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