Monday, 13 January 2014

I'm Red!

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all doing wonderfully. 

As i have mentioned quite alot, i get so bored with my hair and i have been changing the colour quite alot to sort out the mistake of the Blonde ombre.

Well before Christmas i went Red, i was so so nervous, my little tummy was doing somersaults.  BUT, i wanted something completely different and festive, so i thought why not. 

I have been watching quite a lot of youtube videos, with people going from Blonde to Red, and how it has turned out.  

The first time i went Red i used a semi-permanent hair dye, just incase i hated it.  So i used Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in Black Cherry (No.360)

I got this from Sainsburys for around £6.49

The picture below is how it turned out.

 After about 3-4 weeks the colour had really drained and turned a light brown colour, which was ok but i wanted a more deep red.  So i decided to go Permanent, for a longer lasting and more intense Red colour.  

I went to my local Sainsburys and got on offer the Garnier Olia Permanant Hair Colour in 4.6 Deep Red.

I got this on offer at £5.99, but the original price is £6.99

Apparently It's a oil Powered hair colour which doesn't just condition you hair, i will give it a extra boost of colour, so it will look more intense.

Although my scalp is a tiny bit sensitive when i dye my hair, this is very gentle on your scalp.  I hardly had any irritation.  Obviously i did a skin test 48 hours prior to dying my hair, just to be on the safe side.  You can still have a allergic reaction even if you have never had one before.  You see these horror stories of these girls and how their faces have swollen to the size of a football.  I would rather be on the safe side always.

Anyway, this is a picture of my hair now.  It has faded a little as it will be 3-4 weeks since it was applied, but it still looks nice and red.  In certain lights it look purple, but then in another it looks really deep red

I going to get some red shampoo which will apparently keep the colour looking more intense rather than faded, so i will nip to my local Sallys and have a look.

Also one more thing, if you are thinking of going red and it does fade quite quickly and is high maintenance. Always wash your hair with cold water, or as cold as you can stand it, as this will help the colour to stay in alot more. I found that if it was the slightest bit warm then it would be a blood bath when washing my hair.  I would shower first them stick my head over the bath or basin to wash it.  

The pictures above i have some extensions in, which are a very similar colour to give it a bit more volume and length. My husband got me these for Christmas and i will put them in my "What i got for Christmas" post very soon.

Big smiles

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