Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Home Living - Red and Brown Accessories


I hope you all ok.

We moved house in 2012 and we have got what we call our dream home, also we do not want to move anymore. I think it was the most stressful thing in the world, apart from planning our wedding back in 2005. We did have help from a moving firm, which was great, but I think they make it more stressful as your possessions are in their hands and I can remember I was watching from the window as they were handling our things and how they were handling them.

We had settled in, unpacked most of our boxes, so we could carry with a bit of normality. We moved on the Friday and was back at work on Monday, so we unpacked clothes, kitchen things etc, mainly things we needed on a day to day basis.

It was about February when we moved, I know we had a lot of snow and it was freezing. We started decorating in the March, as we wanted to get cracking as soon as we could and to what we could afford, seeing as though we had just spent a lot of money on our new house. But we did what we could at the time and made it our own.

Our living room wasn't too bad when we moved in, but it's not what we like and is pretty plain. So this year we are planning on decorating, which excites me so much. I'm like a child at Christmas when it comes to purchasing things for our home, and I know what I like. Myself and my husband like mostly the same things, but I think it's normal to have different opinions on things.

I like warm, cosy, vintage type things where as my husband likes very futuristic, man cave things, which is fine, but I do try and get my own way when it comes to decorating our home. We do incorporate some things we both like so we are both happy, which I think is only fair, as it is both of our homes.

Anyway, I have been looking and looking at lots of different things, as we would like to get things which are going to last until the next time we decorate, which won't be for a very long time, so it's nice to do it properly.  We have both agreed on a Red, Brown, warm colours for our living room, as we use that room almost all the time and we want it to be cosy.

Below are some things I have seen from The Range and Dunelm Mill, which I absolutely love.


Butterfly Blossom Canvas - NOW £14.24 - The Range
 Bronze Leah Dish - £6.99
Bronze Leaf Dish - £6.99 - The Range

 Red Chenille Throw - £18.99 - The Range
Red Chenille Throw - £18.99 - The Range

Red Heart - Was £11.99 - Now £10.00 - The Range

Wooden Heart - £3.29 - The Range

Red Wooden Love - £3.99 - Dunelm Mill

Red Hour Glass Vase - £8.99 - Dunelm Mill
Red and Brown Twig Light - £9.99 - Dunelm Mill
Wooden Door Stop - £10.99 - Dunelm Mill

I hope you like my selection of home accessories. There are lots of lovely things out there, I really can't wait to start decorating.

Big Smiles


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