Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Winter Nail Colour

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all ok, I can't believe we are getting to the end of November already, where has this year gone?

Obviously when Autumn/Winter comes around, it's really nice to change the colour of clothes, hair or nail polish, to suit the mood of the season and the festivities that are going to happen very soon.

As you all know, i love nipping into my local pound land and seeing what products they have got in that week.  The cosmetics that they have sell like hot cakes, so you have to get things whilst you can.
I was leisurely browsing and spotted some new nail colours on the shelf.  I can't believe they have got brand name cosmetics for a pound, when they are selling the exact same product in the drug stores for nearly double the price.  This Revlon nail polish is a great colour for this time of year, it looks very festive and warm.

It looks very fuchsia pink in the bottle, but then once it goes onto the nail it's more like a dark pink with some burgundy tones in it also.  To me it looks alot like cranberries, which remind me of Christmas, so it's perfect.

I went into Superdrug and this nail polish is going for £6.49 for a 10 ml and i got it for just £1.00 for 14.7 ml.  Here is the link to the Superdrug one if you don't believe me:

You will have to excuse my nails, they aren't as neat as i normally get them, it's just i wanted to get the colour on quick so i could get this posted, so i could tell you all about the big difference in price for exactly the same product and also a little bit bigger.

Finally i applied to coats of this colour, and it looks very thick, so it might be one where a little goes a long way.

14.7 ml bottle
No.620 Bewitching by Revlon
A lovely rich colour
Until next time

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