Thursday, 14 November 2013

Winter is coming!

After all the hustle and bustle of Halloween and bonfire, Christmas is finally on its way.  The weather is really starting to drop, and i hear SNOW is on the way next week.  So it's time to get the winter woolies out.

I am really loving the biker chic look at the moment.  I have really loved this look for so long and never gone through with it. So i think it's time to change my look.  I get really bored quite easy and quickly, and i am always after a change of either clothes, hair, colours.  I have never had a favourite colour, i have colours that i like more than others, but i am always changing my mind.  I think it was in my genes when i was born hahaha.

I have seen some boots from George, and they are slouch boots, so they would look great with skinny jeans or leggings. I have slim legs and often find it difficult to find boots to fit my calf.  But these boots are nice that they only come past my ankle. 
Slouch Calf Boots
Slouch Boots £20 - George (ASDA)
I think these boots would look lovely with some skinny jeans and jumper, like these ones below. And to finish the outfit, wrap a scarf around your neck, to keep your warm and a little bag for your lipstick etc.
Waffle Metallic Yarm Jumper £10 - George (ASDA)
Metallic Knit Snood
Metallic Knit Snood £8 - George (ASDA)

G21 Skinny Jeans £14 - George (ASDA)

Rose Stud Body-Cross Bag £9 - George (ASDA

I have chosen George for this whole outfit and it would cost £61.

I hope you all like this outfit and get you knits on and keep warm.

Until next time
Rachael xxx

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