Friday, 29 November 2013

BIG Glam Hair!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all ok.  As i have mentioned before, my hair is very fine and lifeless and i am always on the look out for volumizing products. My hair is the kind that doesn't hold any curls or waves, no matter how much hairspray or styling products i use, they fall out about half an hour later. All i want is more volume, especially around my crown area, as my hair seems to be quite thin there. ARGGGHHH!.

I went into my local home bargains and picked up some Velcro hair rollers and some new mousse, which i have never tried.  It's called Headmasters BIG Glam Hair (Root Boost Mousse) for volume and lift for fine and limp hair. Well i certainly fall into that category. 

I don't know if this Headmasters is a big brand, i have never heard of them before, but i thought, it's new so i'll give it a go.  

Tomorrow night i have a big family get together, sort of a early Christmas party.  I only see them around this time of year, as we are all busy with our own lives and most of them live quite far away to where i live.  So my plan is to wash my hair in the morning and lightly blow dry until it's damp, then put some of this Root Boost Mousse (a bit of a tongue twister) into my roots, massage in, then get my lovely husband to help me put my Velcro rollers in, as i am rubbish at getting the back of my head.  I'm going to blow dry once i have put the rollers in and leave them for quite a few hours, even all afternoon until i start to get ready.    

Below is the mousse and rollers i bought.
89p Home Bargains - Good price i think.
I hope it it does what it says on the bottle.
99P Pack of 4 - Home Bargains
Quite a good size.
I bought two packs of rollers, so i will end up with 8 good sized rollers in my hair, so i am hoping for some lift with these.

I will do a before and after of my hair, so you can see a difference (Hopefully)
I hope you all have a good weekend. I will as we are taking our 4 year old son to see Santa on Sunday. Yay!
Until next time

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