Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Decorations

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well.  As December is just around the corner and all those Christmas trees will be going up soon.  I have been getting some new decorations for our tree.  We have lots of decorations in our loft already so we don't really need any more, but things change, colours change and some decorations get cuter every year.

I can't wait to put our tree up, as we have just got a new one from B&Q. Our old one was a 6ft tree, but it was rather wide around the bottom. Our previous house had lower ceilings to our new house, which we moved into last February, where as this house has quite tall ceilings, so we have brought a 7ft one and it's alot slimmer too.

Here is our new tree, which we got on offer at £35.00 reduced from £50.00.

We will use alot of our old decorations, but it's always nice to get some new things now and then.  As you all know i like to find bargains, and don't like spending too much on something that's only going to come out once a year, but at the same time they have to look nice.

Below are some things i have bought over the past weeks, maybe a month.  I'm really liking the Nordic/Fair isle Christmas theme, so i have tried to incorporate some into our decor this year. The Red, Greens and whites will be going on our new tree in our Living Room.

Single Decoration -  £1.00 - Poundland
Single Decoration - £1.00 - Poundland

Pack of 3 - £1.00 - Poundland

Pack of 3 - £1.00 - Poundland

A box of 4 - 99p - Home bargains

Pack of 6 - 99p - Home bargains
Knitted Stocking - £1.00 - Poundland
Box of 8 Crackers - £1.00 - Pound land
Paperchains - £1.00 - Pound land
Merry Christmas Banner - £1.00 - Pound land
Ceramic Heart Decoration - 89p Each - Home Bargains
2m Lime Green Tinsel - £1.00 - Tesco
Box of 12 Lime green snowflakes - £3.00 - B&Q
These decorations are for our dining room. I wanted to go for something different in the other room, just to spice it up a little bit.  So these decorations will go on our little 5ft tree in the corner of our dining room, with some other decorations that we have in the loft. 

12 Baubles - £1.00 - Poundland

Pack of 25 Mini Baubles - £1.00 - Pounland

Once our trees is decorated, i will be post pictures of what they turned out like.
I hope your all getting excited about putting your Christmas decorations up, or if you have already done so, then I'm sure it is very festive in your home.

Until next time

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