Friday, 29 November 2013

BIG Glam Hair!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all ok.  As i have mentioned before, my hair is very fine and lifeless and i am always on the look out for volumizing products. My hair is the kind that doesn't hold any curls or waves, no matter how much hairspray or styling products i use, they fall out about half an hour later. All i want is more volume, especially around my crown area, as my hair seems to be quite thin there. ARGGGHHH!.

I went into my local home bargains and picked up some Velcro hair rollers and some new mousse, which i have never tried.  It's called Headmasters BIG Glam Hair (Root Boost Mousse) for volume and lift for fine and limp hair. Well i certainly fall into that category. 

I don't know if this Headmasters is a big brand, i have never heard of them before, but i thought, it's new so i'll give it a go.  

Tomorrow night i have a big family get together, sort of a early Christmas party.  I only see them around this time of year, as we are all busy with our own lives and most of them live quite far away to where i live.  So my plan is to wash my hair in the morning and lightly blow dry until it's damp, then put some of this Root Boost Mousse (a bit of a tongue twister) into my roots, massage in, then get my lovely husband to help me put my Velcro rollers in, as i am rubbish at getting the back of my head.  I'm going to blow dry once i have put the rollers in and leave them for quite a few hours, even all afternoon until i start to get ready.    

Below is the mousse and rollers i bought.
89p Home Bargains - Good price i think.
I hope it it does what it says on the bottle.
99P Pack of 4 - Home Bargains
Quite a good size.
I bought two packs of rollers, so i will end up with 8 good sized rollers in my hair, so i am hoping for some lift with these.

I will do a before and after of my hair, so you can see a difference (Hopefully)
I hope you all have a good weekend. I will as we are taking our 4 year old son to see Santa on Sunday. Yay!
Until next time

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Decorations

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well.  As December is just around the corner and all those Christmas trees will be going up soon.  I have been getting some new decorations for our tree.  We have lots of decorations in our loft already so we don't really need any more, but things change, colours change and some decorations get cuter every year.

I can't wait to put our tree up, as we have just got a new one from B&Q. Our old one was a 6ft tree, but it was rather wide around the bottom. Our previous house had lower ceilings to our new house, which we moved into last February, where as this house has quite tall ceilings, so we have brought a 7ft one and it's alot slimmer too.

Here is our new tree, which we got on offer at £35.00 reduced from £50.00.

We will use alot of our old decorations, but it's always nice to get some new things now and then.  As you all know i like to find bargains, and don't like spending too much on something that's only going to come out once a year, but at the same time they have to look nice.

Below are some things i have bought over the past weeks, maybe a month.  I'm really liking the Nordic/Fair isle Christmas theme, so i have tried to incorporate some into our decor this year. The Red, Greens and whites will be going on our new tree in our Living Room.

Single Decoration -  £1.00 - Poundland
Single Decoration - £1.00 - Poundland

Pack of 3 - £1.00 - Poundland

Pack of 3 - £1.00 - Poundland

A box of 4 - 99p - Home bargains

Pack of 6 - 99p - Home bargains
Knitted Stocking - £1.00 - Poundland
Box of 8 Crackers - £1.00 - Pound land
Paperchains - £1.00 - Pound land
Merry Christmas Banner - £1.00 - Pound land
Ceramic Heart Decoration - 89p Each - Home Bargains
2m Lime Green Tinsel - £1.00 - Tesco
Box of 12 Lime green snowflakes - £3.00 - B&Q
These decorations are for our dining room. I wanted to go for something different in the other room, just to spice it up a little bit.  So these decorations will go on our little 5ft tree in the corner of our dining room, with some other decorations that we have in the loft. 

12 Baubles - £1.00 - Poundland

Pack of 25 Mini Baubles - £1.00 - Pounland

Once our trees is decorated, i will be post pictures of what they turned out like.
I hope your all getting excited about putting your Christmas decorations up, or if you have already done so, then I'm sure it is very festive in your home.

Until next time

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Winter Nail Colour

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all ok, I can't believe we are getting to the end of November already, where has this year gone?

Obviously when Autumn/Winter comes around, it's really nice to change the colour of clothes, hair or nail polish, to suit the mood of the season and the festivities that are going to happen very soon.

As you all know, i love nipping into my local pound land and seeing what products they have got in that week.  The cosmetics that they have sell like hot cakes, so you have to get things whilst you can.
I was leisurely browsing and spotted some new nail colours on the shelf.  I can't believe they have got brand name cosmetics for a pound, when they are selling the exact same product in the drug stores for nearly double the price.  This Revlon nail polish is a great colour for this time of year, it looks very festive and warm.

It looks very fuchsia pink in the bottle, but then once it goes onto the nail it's more like a dark pink with some burgundy tones in it also.  To me it looks alot like cranberries, which remind me of Christmas, so it's perfect.

I went into Superdrug and this nail polish is going for £6.49 for a 10 ml and i got it for just £1.00 for 14.7 ml.  Here is the link to the Superdrug one if you don't believe me:

You will have to excuse my nails, they aren't as neat as i normally get them, it's just i wanted to get the colour on quick so i could get this posted, so i could tell you all about the big difference in price for exactly the same product and also a little bit bigger.

Finally i applied to coats of this colour, and it looks very thick, so it might be one where a little goes a long way.

14.7 ml bottle
No.620 Bewitching by Revlon
A lovely rich colour
Until next time

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

New Bargain Bag

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all fine and surviving the colder weather.  With the weather being as cold as it is at the moment, i thought i would go to my local primark and get a pair of tights.  I love going to primark , but i just can't go in a get what i need and leave, i  have to have a good look round, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  There's always different things that have come in, or items which have been reduced, which is what I'm about to tell you about.

I was having a wander around with my tights in hand, when i saw a BIG Red sign that said £5.00 items.  I did a double take and strolled across and spotted this lovely bag.  It's a Black and Cream Clutch Bag with an Aztec design and a leather look trim around the edge.  What i didn't realise was that it had a handle inside, which was covered by the wrapping paper.  The handle is like a small gold chain effect and dainty, so you could use it as a clutch bag to go under your arm, or like me, i will use the handle on my shoulder , so i don't drop it, seeing as though i am so clumsy.

It's big enough to get your purse, keys, phone, lipstick and a small body spray or whatever you like to take with you on a night out.

This bag was originally priced at Six pounds, then it had been reduced down to Five pounds, which the sign did say. but when i looked at the label, it had been reduced by another Two pounds down to Three pounds.  So overall this is a bargain bag.  I'm going to wear it to a family gathering this weekend.

If you like to get yourself a bargain like myself then i would highly suggest you get yourselves down to primark and "bag" one whilst you can. Aha a little quirky line there.


Was £6.00 - Reduced to £3.00 from Primark

Until next time

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Winter is coming!

After all the hustle and bustle of Halloween and bonfire, Christmas is finally on its way.  The weather is really starting to drop, and i hear SNOW is on the way next week.  So it's time to get the winter woolies out.

I am really loving the biker chic look at the moment.  I have really loved this look for so long and never gone through with it. So i think it's time to change my look.  I get really bored quite easy and quickly, and i am always after a change of either clothes, hair, colours.  I have never had a favourite colour, i have colours that i like more than others, but i am always changing my mind.  I think it was in my genes when i was born hahaha.

I have seen some boots from George, and they are slouch boots, so they would look great with skinny jeans or leggings. I have slim legs and often find it difficult to find boots to fit my calf.  But these boots are nice that they only come past my ankle. 
Slouch Calf Boots
Slouch Boots £20 - George (ASDA)
I think these boots would look lovely with some skinny jeans and jumper, like these ones below. And to finish the outfit, wrap a scarf around your neck, to keep your warm and a little bag for your lipstick etc.
Waffle Metallic Yarm Jumper £10 - George (ASDA)
Metallic Knit Snood
Metallic Knit Snood £8 - George (ASDA)

G21 Skinny Jeans £14 - George (ASDA)

Rose Stud Body-Cross Bag £9 - George (ASDA

I have chosen George for this whole outfit and it would cost £61.

I hope you all like this outfit and get you knits on and keep warm.

Until next time
Rachael xxx