Monday, 21 October 2013

Stew and Dumplings

Hello, i'm so sorry for not posting anything since Thursday.  It's been a busy weekend.  I hope you all had a good one too, apart from the UK weather.

Here is the Stew i prepared for last Thursdays dinner.  We also had it on Friday too.

I love Stew and Dumplings, I make a deep stock pot and the stew lasts for at least 2-3 days.  We don't have to worry about what we are going to have for dinner for a few days, which is nice, and also all that goodness from the vegetables.

Here are some pictures of what I had put in my stew, in case anyone was new to making one, basically with a stew you can pretty much put any vegetables in it.
I started with 3 pints of boiling water with 3 Vegetable stock cubes
(Stock cubes Aldi 99p per box)
I poured the stock into the stock pot
I diced one large onion, if you have small ones use two
(Aldi 69p pack of 4)
I added a pack of British New Potatoes
(Aldi 69p i think per pack)
I chopped them into halves, then half again, so you get lots of small potatoes pieces

I peeled and chopped 2 or 3 carrots
(Aldi 69p per pack)
This is the onion, carrots and potatoes together in the stock
I chopped a large leek into slices
(Aldi 69p pack of 5 or 6)

I added some frozen peas and sweetcorn
(Aldi 99p or £1.00)
This is the stock pot with all the vegetables
I topped up the pot with water from the kettle, just to cover the top of the vegetables.
I popped the lid on and simmered until the vegetables were soft

I added 3 tins of stewed steak to the pot once the vegetables were soft
(Aldi £1.99 per tin)

This is what it looked liked with everything in together

I made some dumplings to go with it
(Any supermarket does suet, i haven't seen this in Aldi though)

These are the instructions on how to make the dumplings, pretty simple really
I do the dumplings separate for 10 minutes then transfer into the stew, or you can simmer them on top of the stew for 20 minutes
These lovely part bake rolls are beautiful, they are great for dipping in the stew
(These are from Aldi 99p pack of 8)
Here are the instructions on how to bake these rolls
AND ENJOY with a glass or bottle of red wine.

Just to say, I wash all my vegetables before I put them in the pot.

I can't wait to have this again soon.

I hope you enjoyed this, and by all means I am no professional chef.  It's all about trying different things.

Until next time
Rachael xxx

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