Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Spooky Party Time at Poundland

In just over a weeks time, its Halloween. 

It's that haunting time of year again, when the Witches, Ghost and Ghoulies come out.  All the little ones are excited to go Trick or Treating, getting all those lovely goodies.

If your planning a party for the little ones and their friends, why not get yourself down to your local pound-land.  You could throw a frighteningly eery party, with spooky party accessories for a pound each.

All these items are available to browse at:  http://www.poundland.co.uk/halloween

Party Accessories and Decorations
Halloween Paper Cups Boo Design 40 Pack - Product no. 86956
Halloween Paper Plates Boo Design 20 Pack - Product no. 4341
Halloween Paper Bowls Boo Design 20 Pack - Product no. 4336
Halloween Paper Napkins Boo Design 30 Pack - Product no. 4343
Halloween Paper Cups Boo Design 40 Pack - Product no. 86956
Halloween Wipe Clean Tablecloth Boo Design - Product no. 4262
Halloween Cupcake And Cookie Box 2 Pack - Product no. 4359
Halloween Cake Mould - Product no. 4326
Halloween Cutlery 24pc - Product no. 8122
Halloween Cupcake Stand - Product no. 4360
Halloween Straws 8 Pack - Product no. 4538
Happy Halloween Garland 2 Metres - Product no. 4212
Halloween Balloons 18 Pack - Product no. 87002
Halloween Inflatable's 2 Pack - Product no. 4186
Assorted Halloween Jelly Moulds - Product no. 4199
Halloween Spooky Cd - Product no. 4274
Halloween Horror Goblet - Product no. 4207

Halloween Outfits and Accessories
Pumpkin Dress Up Outfit - Product no. 72062
Devil Dress Up Set - Product no. 84968
Lacey Trim Witch Hat - Product no. 19493
Witches Broom - Product no. 4337
Spooky Make Up Kit - Product no. 4413
Fake Blood 2 Pack - Product no. 92886
  They also do sweets and treats for the little ones to munch on for £1 per bag, which i think is very good to fill up a cauldron for your visitors. 

Sweets and Treats
Trick Or Treat Cauldron - Product no. 4344
Assorted Halloween Trick Or Treat Buckets - Product no. 84957

Cauldron Pail With Sweets 70g - Product no. 98017
Pumpkin Pail With Sweets 70g - Product no. 98014
Swizzels Fright Mix 210g - Product no. 99194
Haribo Halloween Mix 200g - Product no. 63081
Maoam Halloween Mix 180g - Product no. 105490
Fruitella Spooky Family Mix 175g - Product no. 21863
Chupa Chup Minis 25 Pack - Product no. 22834
Scooby Doo Candy Sticks 10 Pack - Product no. 103926
Halloween Candy Skull & Cross Bones Bag 200g - Product no. 101050
Wicked Witches Wands 180g - Product no. 101046
Halloween Candy Voodoo Charms 180g - Product no. 96926
Halloween Flying Sorcerers 58g - Product no. 101177
Witches Sherbet Potions 110 Pack - Product no. 101415
Spooky Popping Candy 25 Pack - Product no. 101582
Glow Stick Pumpkin Pops 144g - Product no. 52153
Ghost Shaped Marshmallows 160g - Product no. 98990
Witches Broomstick Marshmallows 150g - Product no. 97526
Skull Sucker Lolly Pops 220g - Product no. 96935
Gummy Oozing Eyes 160g - Product no. 96925 
Halloween Gummy Body Parts In Bag 160g - Product no. 96167
Gummy Eye Balls In Net 220g - Product no. 96921
Gummy Body Parts In Net 160g - Product no. 101047
Haribo Halloween Fairy Cakes 6 Pack - Product no. 106727
Mr Kipling Fiendish Fancies 8 Pack - Product no. 106905
Pombear Pickled Onion 6 Pack - Product no. 107536
All i can say that after all this is "You will need to book your little pumpkins in at the Dentist"

There are lots more halloween items available at the pound land store itself, this is just a taster for your Halloween celebration.  I could've spent a fortune. 

I hope you all have a super scary night and get lots of spooky goodies.
Until next time, Sleep tight...
Rachael xxx

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