Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Hair Products

My hair is very fine and lifeless, so it takes alot to give it volume.  If I was to only wash it and give it a blow-dry, then it would just fall flat to my face by the afternoon, so I have to use products.  I'm always on the look out for volumizing products, and I'm willing to try anything to give my hair that extra lift.

 I used to wash my hair everyday, because it would get oily very quickly, which is very frustrating.  I also noticed that if I washed my hair everyday, then more strands would start to fall out, and I have have thin hair anyway, I don't want to lose my hair.  So these days I try and wash my hair at least every other day and use my dry shampoo (below) in between washes.

Below are in order of what I use in a morning after washing my hair.  I will do a post on some shampoo and conditioner, once I find one that I really like.  I am gong to try some Vosene Activating Tonic which you can but from Amazon, for thinning hair/Fine hair, to see if that works.  I have also seen one in Superdrug called Fat Hair shampoo and conditioner, so I might try that too.

My hair products 
TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray 300 ml
Superdrug £4.79
TRESemme Heat Defence Spray
This is really good at giving my hair a shine after I have blow-dried it.  Also it's important to use a heat defence sprays when using hair-dryers, curlers, ghd's or any other hot device, as they will dry out your hair and cause alot of damage.

A little pricey for spray, but I think they are all about the same price these days.  I just try and get them when their on offer. Try to save the pennies.

Charles Worthington Volume Texturising Spray 200 ml
Home Bargains £1.99

Charles Worthington Volume Spray
I have tried a lot of volumizing sprays in the past, and I have to say I like this one, but I do like the others I have tried too.  I think they all do the same thing, it's just I won't buy one with any Argan Oil in it as it makes my hair feel greasy. I think I got this because of the nice Pink and Black bottle that it's in, and also it matches the dry shampoo. =)

Saying that, it does give my roots a really good boost, which is where I need that the most.

Got 2 b Big Volumizing Hairspray 300 ml
Was on offer at Tesco £2.00
Got2b Big Volumizing Hairspray
This has got to be one of my favourite hair-sprays EVER!  It doesn't leave my hair sticky or shiny, It brushes out nice and the smell, OMG! it smells like the tuck shop that I used to go to when I was younger. The smell of sweets. Yum Yum!.  I would definitely recommend this one, and I really hope they don't discontinue it.  Fingers Crossed x

Charles Worthington Mini  50 ml Dry Shampoo
Home bargains 99p
Charles Wothington Dry Shampoo
These dry shampoos are a fantastic invention for hair.  I would not be without one now.  Also these mini bottles are great for you handbag, travelling or even if you wanted to try one before buying the bigger bottle, it would be cheaper just to get a small one to begin with.  I think I might have to get the bigger one soon as I love this one, and it smells nice too.  I'm not a lover of the Batiste Dry Shampoo smells especially the Tropical - Coconut & Exotic.  I use to love the smell of coconut, but this has put my nose right off it.  But that's my opinion, everyone's noses are different.

Mellor & Russell Extreme Volume Spray with Argan Oil 150 ml
Pound land £1.00
Mellor & Russell Volume Spray with Argan Oil
In my opinion, this product, although it says extreme volumizing spray, it is no good on my hair.  The Argan Oil make my hair feel greasy at the roots, which I don't like at all.  It may be fine for others, but for me personally I won't be purchasing this again any time soon.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you all have enjoyed this post, and if you have any suggestions on Hair Thickening Products I could use, then I would really love for you to share that with me, just drop a comment below.  Or tell me what products you use.  Its nice to share tips and advice I think.

Until next time
Rachael x

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