Monday, 14 October 2013

My Hair Experience.

I have what is called mousey or dirty dark blonde hair.  Over the years I've had so many different colours, starting with purple hair back when i was in school, so about 13 years old.  I was going through a Punk/Gothic stage in my life.  The purple hair eventually faded to a pink shade,  so i thought i would have another drastic change and turn my hair jet black, which dyed my parents bath as well oops! Sorry mum and dad.

The black hair was fine for a while, until i started getting called Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family, which made me feel really frustrated.  So that was it, i got rid of the black look and changed my clothes, make-up and hair.  I had a full head of Blonde High-lights, which made me look like a completely different person.  I went back to school with my new look and felt FANTASTIC!.  Teenagers can be quite cruel sometimes, and there is just no need for it at all.

I left school and had so many different colours in my hair, which made it to become dry, brittle and really fine, i have fine hair as it is.  I finally got my natural dirty dark blonde hair back and after a lot of conditioner and a good trim it felt lovely again.

Year 2013.  I had not done any colouring to my hair for some years now,  and i was seeing all these different adverts and pictures of people with Ombre Hair.  "Hmmmm" i thought.  I asked a family member to help me with my ombre look.  NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO OMBRE!!!.

It did not take as well as i had hoped,  you will see from the pictures below what it looked like.

How i regret it so much.  A week later i put Clairol's Nice 'n Easy 106d Natural Dark Cool Blonde all over, i thought this might cover over and it would look natural again, but i was wrong.  It turned a shade golden, which i dislike anyway and the bottom was a different colour still because of the bleach.  I sobbed my heart out.  What had i done.  I left it about 3-4 weeks to settle down again, "I NEED PROFFESIONAL HELP" i told my husband, so he got me booked into a salon to have yet again another full head of high-lights and low-lights, to try to cover up the line of ombre and the orange tone to my hair.  It covered quite nicely but you can still see the line where i tried to ombre it.  

1: Before it started: My natural mousey hair.

2: This is the look i was going for.

3: It didn't turn out the way I'd hoped.

4: So I covered my hair in this shade

5: This was after applying picture 4

6: This is after having high-lights and low-lights in the salon

7: This is after my full head of high-lights and low-lights from the salon.

8: Do I go for this?
So as i sit here now, i have highlighted hair (in picture 7), with my natural roots showing quite a lot.  Do i leave it to grow out? or, do i go a couple of shade darker in a semi-permanent to make it look thicker and healthier? and hopefully it will wash out to my natural colour. 

If any of you could leave a comment, let me know what you think i should do, or what you would do i would really appreciate it.

Until next time xxx

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