Thursday, 24 October 2013

Half Term Week

I know that the week isn't over yet, but what a week already.

To start with, when i made my stew last week, my mobile got a broken face.  I was too distracted by my making my stew, i left my phone on the worktop whist cooking, opened the cupboard door and a jar of caramelised onion fell out.  I didn't think anything to it, so i just carried on.  It wasn't until i was clearing away that i saw my lovely phone just lying there, looking at me, shouting "HELP ME" my face is cracked, and it was.  I was gutted :(

She's being sent away to have a new face lift hopefully, and fingers crossed she'll come back sparkling. Below is a picture of her cracked face.  It's looks like she's developing wrinkles, just like her owner. And i'm only 28. :(
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
I've also been working like a trooper this week, with a little helper on my knee.  I had an afternoon off this week, so i took my son to an indoor play area with my mum, which he loves.  He loves going down the big wiggly slides and jumping in the ball pits. Whilst i was sat there watching him, i fancied a warm drink now the weather is getting a little cooler.  So i had a lovely hot chocolate, with marshmallows and cream. Yum Yum! It was scummy, just what i needed.  Here is my sinful drink, but worth it.
Hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream. 
My son and i went to the pound shop today, to have a look around, and brought some Christmas decorations.  I know it's a bit early, but it will be here quicker than you know it.  I will do a post with the decorations that we purchased to start off the festive season.  And also a bargain handbag my husband got for me from Tesco. Bless him.

Have a nice day everyone.
Until next time
Rachael xxx

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