Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Another accent nail

With working and doing housework and things, my nails get chipped quite quickly.  So i try to paint them as often as i can in different colours or styles.. I am going for another accent nail, as i am hooked on them.  I have seen lots of pictures of what people have posted online, and my word they are talented.  My hand wouldn't keep still if i tried to nail art them.  So at the moment i like the simple one colour on two thumbs and fingers bar the ring fingers, and a glitter look on those.  Some people have said it looks weird, but i think it's how you feel about them.  And i must say i am a little hooked and may have found a new obsession.  There are so many colours to choose from. This is what colour i am wearing at the moment.
Left: Maybelline Colour Show in 150 Mauve Kiss
Right: Chit Chat Glitter in gold

The Maybelline Colour Show you can get from Sainsburys at the minute, on offer at £1.99.  Elsewhere i thinks it about £3.00. Grab it whilst you can.
The Chit Chat Gold Glitter i brought was from my local £ Pound Land for a pound of course. What a bargain.

The Maybelline i put on my fingers and thumbs, and the chit chat gold glitter i put on my ring fingers, to give it that bit of glamour and sparkle. I must mention that the glitter polish, you have to put a couple of layers, to build a nice coverage.

Until next time

Rachael xxx

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